Grand Avenue development draws concerns from neighbors

One of the most popular streets in the Twin Cities metro area could soon look very different.

Grand Avenue in St. Paul is home to some of Minnesota's favorite boutiques, restaurants and more than a few historic homes, and any proposed changes are sure to cause controversy.

That was certainly the case Tuesday as the owner of Dixie's on Grand heard feedback on a plan to add a new development to the property at a city meeting, including new retail space, underground parking or several new apartment buildings that could reach as high as four or five stories.

Business owners said they're committed to doing what's best for the community, though neighbors who live near the proposed development were skeptical, and voiced their concerns on a host of issues.

"I don't see any economic benefit for neighbors," said Hillary Parsons, a neighborhood resident who lives nearby. "This is going to devastate property values, it’s going to create a lot of unnecessary traffic--and that I'm very much against."