Crews clean up after Taopi, Minn. tornado as Gov. Walz makes visit

Demolition crews tear down a home destroyed during the Taopi, Minnesota tornado. (FOX 9)

Day two of cleanup in the small city of Taopi, Minnesota brought demolition crews to pull down structures that can't be salvaged after Tuesday's devastating tornado.

Governor Tim Walz visited the small Minnesota town on Thursday to survey the damage and determine how the state can help. The tornado that came during a late-night round of storms ripped through half of Taopi, leaving family homes destroyed, cars flipped over, and now neighbors working to help clean up.

Along with seeing the destruction left behind, Walz heard stories from the residents who are now coming together.

"That's the positive side of this," said Walz. "You get to see Minnesotans care for their neighbors, which is really good."

Residents are glad the governor was in town, giving them hopes they will be able to rebuild as they tear down what used to be their homes.

"It's kind of hard on a person to see it, to see the town looking like this," one resident told FOX 9.

The damage left behind during Tuesday's storm in Taopi. (FOX 9)

The damage is likely not enough for federal aid, but state aid is likely. In all, 24 homes were hit and ten destroyed. But numerous buildings, cars, and trees are also shredded. The governor promised the city not only immediate help but that he's in it for the long haul.

"The story will move on to the next thing but we got to make sure as far state, local county, and communities that we don't move on to other stuff," said the governor.

It was pointed out Thursday that the people here are likely uninsured or underinsured altogether. To help out in those situations, it will require private donations. However, it sounds like th money is already coming in.

Despite all the damage and destruction, no one was seriously injured in the tornado.