Gov. Walz: Minnesota entering 'a new phase' of coronavirus preparations

Gov. Tim Walz talks to the media about the state's coronavirus preparations. (FOX 9)

Gov. Tim Walz said Minnesota is entering “a new phase” of coronavirus preparations at the state level.

Wednesday afternoon, Walz reiterated that the virus’ arrival in Minnesota is a matter of “when” not “if.”

“We’re starting to step up our coordination,” he said. “We have not gone to the highest level, but we’re starting to do that.”

Walz said a bipartisan legislative briefing has been scheduled and the state will soon begin briefing legislators and the business community.

“I am thinking ahead for our big events coming up for State High School League with large tournaments and large gatherings,” he said.

Ultimately, the Governor preached preparedness and urged Minnesotans to not panic.

“What Minnesotans need to know is, our public health system is probably the strongest of any state in the country and the preparations we’re making are being really well thought out,” he said.

The state is taking the situation “very seriously,” said Walz. He said to expect the state to release more information soon about the importance of taking precautions.

“I believe we are ready,” he said.