Gov. Tim Walz beloved cat, Afton, has gone missing from St. Paul home

Pictured is Gov. Tim Walz family cat Afton. (Twitter)  (Supplied)

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said their family cat has gone missing from their St. Paul home. 

Walz tweeted about Afton's disappearance on Thursday, asking his neighbors to keep an eye out for the orange tabby cat. "There will be two very grateful kids over here if Afton finds his way home," he wrote.

The governor did not say how long Afton has been missing or if he is typically an outdoor cat.

This also isn't the first time Afton has gone missing from the governor's mansion on Summit Avenue. Walz posted on Facebook in March 2018 that Afton was missing for about 10 days before his daughter heard a meow and noticed their orange tabby cat peeking out of a window in their neighbor’s garage. 

"He’s considerably skinnier, and ate like crazy when we got him in the house, but seems about as happy as a cat can be," Walz said about Afton returning home. 

The Walz family adopted Afton from the Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society in Mankato. His family describes him as a "cuddle bug" who loves food and affection. But he also has a mischievous side, according to the Animal Humane Society.

FOX 9 contacted the governor’s office for further information about Afton's latest disappearance.