Gov. Scott Walker in Minnesota to denounce Obamacare

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Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker visited Minnesota on Tuesday, first to deliver a policy speech unveiling his plan to take down Obamacare and later for a fundraiser in St. Paul.

"Americans want more than campaign promises," he told the crowd at Cass Screw Machine Products in Brooklyn Center on Tuesday morning. 

Walker outlined his potential presidential agenda, and said day one, he will send legislation to Congress to repeal Obamacare.

He's losing ground in the 2016 presidential field according to a recent Fox News poll, and Tuesday's speech is part of an effort to stand out from other Republicans in Congress who haven't passed a repeal of President Barack Obama's health care law. About 16 million U.S. adults have gained coverage since Obamacare's inception, according to a measuring period from April to June.

Referencing fellow GOP hopeful Donald Trump, Walker said that while he's not the flashiest candidate, he told the crowd "I think like you do."

He also took on Hillary Clinton.

"Think of all the things that are problematic under Obamacare, it gets worse under Hillary Clinton," he said.

Walker's campaign said the plan would be paid for by eliminating $1 trillion in taxes that are levied under the current law and by making other changes to Medicaid and how health insurance is taxed, the Associated Press reported.

Walker will head to O'Gara's on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul for a fundraiser on Tuesday evening.

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Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.