Gov. Dayton bans nonessential travel to North Carolina

Gov. Mark Dayton is banning all nonessential state travel to North Carolina.

In a letter to state employees released Saturday, Dayton said the ban is a response to North Carolina’s recently passed Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, which limits protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Dayton said the law is destructive to the progress that has been made to provide equal rights and protections for members of the LGBT community.

“I am proud of Minnesota for the progress we have achieved to protect the rights and dignity of all people in our state,” Dayton said in a statement. “When the rights of some Americans are threatened, it is the responsibility of all Americans to stand in opposition to those discriminatory acts.”

Dayton said travel to North Carolina is restricted until further notice. Travel to the state will only be permitted if it is essential to the interests and safety of Minnesota residents.

Dayton joins governors in Vermont, New York and Washington in banning state travel to North Carolina.