Gophers volleyball continues toward title

College football often rules the airwaves, but Friday night, the University of Minnesota Gophers Volleyball ruled the courts.

With a 25-4 record and Top 2 ranking, the Gophers have a national title within sight. But first, they had to beat North Dakota, which they did.

In the beginning, it was a tight match with the Fighting Hawks forcing the Gophers to fight for every point, and as the first wound set its way to a close end, fans were reminded just how fun volleyball can be.

“I think again, women’s athletics got overlooked. We’ve got an ex-Olympic coach and national players of the week,” said a Gopher fan.

By the end of the first set, that pedigree came through, the Gophers winning 25-21 before going on to cruise to a 3-0 victory.

For the family of former Gopher star Lyndsey Berg, it was an unexpected homecoming. Berg, now a coach for Hawaii, will square off with her former team in the next round.

"You just want good volleyball, and the best team will win," a fan said.