Golfers brave frigid weather to get swings in at Top Golf

Despite the extreme cold, golfers made it out to Top Golf on Thursday. (FOX 9)

When you live in Minnesota and you love golf, you only have a handful of precious months to make your way onto the greens.
But, if you are dedicated - even when the temperatures start to dip below zero - you can still get some swings in.

At Top Golf in Brooklyn Center, Thursday’s cold weather didn’t cause the entertainment complex to close. Instead, they turned the heaters on and welcomed guests to brave the cold. 
"It's not that bad," said one golfer. "My hands are a little cold, but I'm making do with it."
Managers say they are open year-round, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas. They say it would take much colder temps to get them to close.
Last January, for example, when the temperatures dipped into the high negative double digits they closed for a few days. But today, with temperatures in the negative teens, they were open.
"If we feel like we can adequately warm it and we have enough opportunity for people to get warm inside and have a lot of things that way, we’re going to be open,” said Top Golf Guest Service Manager Erin Patrick.
Since the course is completely outdoors and uncovered, every time it snows, Top Golf crews have to bust out the snowblower and plows to clear the field.
If you want to stop by Top Golf to get in some swings, warmer weather is in the forecast in coming days.