Golfboards: A new way to cruise the links

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Golf is a game with a storied history that's also facing the challenges of the future. 

One challenge is how to get younger players involved in this age of electronics and immediacy.

At Olympic Hills Golf Club in Eden Prairie, they just might have found a solution. 

There, golf is meeting high tech with a fast and fun new gadget.

Olympic Hills is one of three Minnesota courses using the new golfboards.

A golfboard is part surfboard, part motorized scooter.

Instead of riding in a golf cart, golfers can “surf the Earth” by shifting their weight on the board to cruise around the course with their bag in tow.

Course workers say when using the golfboards, rounds go faster and golfers get a little bit more of a workout using their core muscles and balance to guide the board.

In addition to Olympic Hills, golfboards are also available at Oak Glen in Stillwater and Somerby Golf Club in Byron just west of Rochester.