GoFundMe for boy injured at Mall of America raises over $700,000

A GoFundMe online fundraiser for the boy thrown from a third floor railing by a stranger at the Mall of America on Friday has raised more than $700,000, surpassing the stated goal. 

The 5-year-old boy is still being treated for critical injuries after he was thrown from the third floor of the mall Friday morning. Emmanuel Aranda, 24, is in custody facing an attempted premeditated murder charge.

Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts said there is no relationship between the suspect and the child or the child's family. Investigators are working to determine why the man threw the boy.

The GoFundMe goal was set $500,000, but the donations keep pouring in. If you'd like to donate, click here.

"We will update as the family wishes, but please refrain from posting any private information until the family is ready. You have no idea what they have been through and we are asking for everyone to respect their wishes. Thank you again for all of your support, we are truly gracious to be surrounded by a community that reaches out to help those in need," the page creator wrote.

Supporting the Family

In addition to the GoFundMe, the 5-year-old's pastor spoke to FOX 9 about the family and what they mean to the church. 

“The church is committed to support the family spiritually and in any capacity, financially and in any other way that they deem as a need,” said Brian Sullivan, the associate pastor at Living Word Christian Church in Brooklyn Park.

‘Very caring, very family-focused, deeply spiritual, very compassionate, extremely generous of their time, their talent and their resource,” he said of the boy’s family. “You couldn’t think of a better family, a better set of neighbors, friends, people that you would want in your life.”

Statement from Mall of America

"As the criminal case moves forward with today's charges in the wake of Friday's senseless incident, our thoughts and primary concerns remain with the victim and his family during this difficult time. We are grateful for the efforts of all the first responders involved - including guests and tenants - for their immediate actions and the outpouring of concern shown by so many for this young child and his family. For those who have left gifts, flowers and messages of love at the Mall, we thank you. Please know we will keep these items safe and handle them according to the family's wishes."