Glass-tainted dog treat in Bloomington 'malicious for a fact'

A dog in Bloomington, Minn. is recovering after eating chunks of glass, and the dog's owner believes someone tried to poison her pet.

When Bella started throwing up last week, Danielle O'Hara brought her to the vet. Doctors performed emergency surgery and recovered chunks of glass from Bella's stomach. The O'Haras believe someone threw a treat laced with glass into their backyard, near Portland Avenue and 95th Street.

'Malicious for a fact'

"They said it was malicious, that they know it was malicious for a fact -- that she's not going to just eat glass," O'Hara said. "They suspect it was obviously in a treat for the dog to want to eat it."

No confirmed connection to Lakeville cases

This comes weeks after dogs in Lakeville, Minn. were poisoned and killed after someone threw hot dogs pieces, tainted with metal objects and pills, into yards. Police don't know if the cases are connected.

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