Game Show Battle Rooms offers unique group experience in Golden Valley

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Have you ever wanted to be on a game show? The owners of Game Show Battle Rooms in Golden Valley bet you have. And now, you can play some of your favorites without leaving the Twin Cities.

For the holidays, a group of co-workers from ORC International is going into battle.

Two teams are facing off in games like "Wheel of Phrases", "Friendly Feud" and "Name That Price Tag," guided by a live game show host of their very own.

"Our office is pretty competitive. So this seemed like a good team event," ORC employee Janelle Matykiewicz said. 

"It's a little nerve-racking when you are put on the spot; when you are at home it's easy to go 'you know the answer.'"

The owners of Game Show Battle Rooms came up with the idea for an immersive game show experience about a year ago and decided to roll the dice.

They turned a 3,000-square-foot space in an office park into a giant game show set that would make even Bob Barker want to come on down.

"More and more people are wanting to do experienced-based stuff rather than buying physical things," Game Show Battle Rooms co-owner Kevin Letnes said. 

"We thought we could really take this to the next level, how fun an hour could be in a setting."

Groups of contestants can rent the room for an hour at a time.

"We just want people to have fun - those belly-laugh moments - and feel like they are on a game show, like everyone has wanted to do at one point in their lives," Letnes said.

The blue team may have ended up champions, but they all turned out winners.

"I would recommend it to anybody to come. It's family-friendly; you can have younger people here, too... it’s a great time," Matykiewicz said.