Frightening dog attack in Burnsville takes the life of one pet, injures owner

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UPDATE: This story has been updated with new information after it first aired Saturday afternoon.

Update (8:30 p.m. Saturday)

The woman whose dog attacked and killed another dog and injured the owner came forward after seeing Fox 9's story on the original incident at 5 p.m.

The dog who attacked is apparently not up to date on its shots and is now in quarantine. 

Original story (5 p.m. Saturday)

A Burnsville woman is asking for help after she and her dog were attacked by another dog Thursday. Her dog died in the attack.

One minute she and her dog are out for an evening walk and the next she is holding her dying dog, wondering where this attack came from.

She says she's never seen the dog that attacked her or the woman who owned it before.

“I picked up my dog, and I said get your dog away get your dog away,” said Suzette Jamison, the owner of the dog that died in the attack. “And I realized the dog wasn’t wearing a leash or a collar. And the woman swore at me and said didn’t you see us coming?”

Jamison recalls the terrifying moments before she says she and her 9 year old Maltese Zsa Zsa came face to face with a vicious dog.

“Took the dog out of my hand and began just shaking her, and chomping and shaking her,” Jamison recalled. “And she was squealing as she whimpered. And I tried to get the dog to drop her and I was trying.”

Suzette says for minutes she tried to free her dog from the grips of the other.

“And the dog tried to get her again, but I put my arm in the way, and the dog just clobber on my arm and was trying to get on my dog,” she added.

The bites from the attack sent Suzette to the hospital and killed Zsa Zsa.

The woman and the dog are gone.

“I feel sick,” she said. “I just want to get the picture out of my head. I want that picture out my head.”

While she tries to erase those horrifying memories Suzette hopes this picture may help lead her to answers.

“It’s a deadly combination,” she said. “A dog without a leash, and a collar, and an irresponsible owner.”

She says right now Animal Control is looking for the dog and the owner.

She says they need to determine if Suzette will need rabies shots.

“What if this was a child? What if it wasn’t a cute little 9-pound Maltese named Zsa...? What if it was someone’s kid?”

She is left with scars and memories, but hope.

She hopes that authorities will find the owner, find the dog and find a little peace of mind knowing this won’t happen to anyone else.

“Whoever you are, you took something from me,” she said. “You took the person the pet, whatever that was there when no one else was who knew all my secret thoughts. You and your dog took that from me.”

Suzette says she's been talking with Animal Control and the Burnsville Police.

Animal Control says they really need to find this woman and the dog for the Suzette’s health.

Suzette says the dog was the size of a Doberman, or a German Shepherd.

Dark coat, dark brown, or black with tan speckles and pointed ears.

Anyone with any info is asked to call Animal Control or the Burnsville police. The incident occurred near Echo Park Elementary School in Burnsville.