Friends detail night that led to death of Little Falls woman, arrest of her husband

Jeanine was last seen early Saturday morning in Little Falls, Minnesota. Her body was discovered Sunday and her husband was taken into custody not soon after.  (Little Falls PD)

Friends of a 37-year-old Little Falls woman who was found dead over the weekend offered more details about the night she disappeared and what led to the arrest of her husband over the weekend.

Formal charges are expected Tuesday in the death of Jeanine Greyblood after her husband was arrested in connection with her death and disappearance over the weekend.

Now, a memorial fund is being set up to help care for her five children.

Greyblood was described by friend Nicole Ginter as a colorful person.

"It’s her personality," Ginter said. "She’s just bright. She wants to be noticed and she’s an individual."

The town of Little Falls, Minnesota has been hit hard by the news of Greyblood’s death. Her disappearance soon became a murder investigation and police say her husband has been arrested as the suspect.

Greyblood was a mother of five, with her youngest about to turn 2 years old, so friends and family have set up a memorial fund to help.

"It’s been insane. The response has been crazy," Ginter said. "Everybody wants to help and donate. She’s very well loved here."

Greyblood and her husband were hanging out at a friend’s house Saturday night. One of the friends who was there - who declined to be interviewed on camera by FOX 9 - said the couple was fighting when they left.

According to the friend, the husband allegedly showed up at her house at 1:30 a.m. with scratches on his face claiming Greyblood had attacked him and then demanded to be dropped off at a park. When the husband went back to look for her, he couldn’t find her. She had no coat or phone.

Her body was found early Sunday afternoon under an overpass on the Swan River, just before it empties into the Mississippi River.

The police are waiting for autopsy results but quickly arrested Greyblood’s husband, who had been questioned for several hours at that point.

Ginter said it did not surprise her.

"That would not be Jeanine," Ginter said. "She wouldn’t just disappear like that without her phone or purse or coat. It just didn’t make any sense to me, and he was the last one to see her alive, so, something happened."

Greyblood’s husband has not been formally charged, so FOX 9 will not name him. He is in custody at the Morrison County Jail.