Free Book Buggie shares love of reading with children throughout Twin Cities

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Over the past four months, Debbie Beck and Sue Fredricks have been consumed with children’s books.

In Beck’s garage and inside her minivan, there are thousands of books intended to be given away for free.

“We believe that all kids should have access to books,” said Fredricks.

Back in June, the two launched a non-profit in Apple Valley called Free Book Buggie. At least once a week, they hit the road, providing books to children throughout the Twin Cities.

“Sue [Fredricks] and I believe, we wanted to take away any excuse for children to not be able to read, and grow and learn and power themselves to create their own future,” said Beck.

Beck and Fredericks, who have grown children of their own, say that they receive donations from schools—businesses and those in the community. They are free reads with a big payoff. 

“The kids’ eyes typically get about this big around when they realize the books are free and they can take them home - that’s worth it to us,” said Fredricks.

On Wednesday, the two were on the move again. Their stop this time - a Halloween gathering in Bloomington. After unloading and setting up, the Free Book Buggie was up and running.

Sharing their love of literacy, Beck and Fredericks hope to make an impact one book at a time. 

“That’s what makes this all worthwhile, that one child, that one reaction is all we need,” said Beck.

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