Franken hopes to introduce new legislation after Equifax breach

Senator Franken is joining the movement to introduce legislation that would hold data brokers like Equifax accountable for security breaches.

Equifax’s recent breach affected over 140 million residents across America, Canada and Britain.

“This is a continuing, escalating war and it’s in every space,” said Senator Franken during an interview on Saturday. “If a young person wants a career, I would say cyber security will be a very secure career.”

The Equifax breach allowed hackers to steal social security numbers, names and birth dates.

Industry experts told Fox 9 that since the stolen information is unlikely to be changed, it will remain valuable for decades to come.

Security experts recommend checking in with Equifax rivals.

“Contact all three of the credit repositories: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, and really take a look at your credit report.” said Chris Hogan, author of “Retire Inspired: It’s Not an age. It’s a Financial Number.”

“If there is anything on there that doesn’t belong, then file a report,” he said. “Look at the inquiries so you know, have you been affected in this or not.”

They also recommend checking your credit cards and other accounts often for suspicious activity. Frequently changing passwords is also helpful.

Lastly, be careful opening any questionable emails that claim to be updates from Equifax, or about the breach.