4-day school week could become more common in Minnesota with proposed law

A bill being discussed by the Minnesota Legislature would allow Minnesota school districts to implement a four-day school week without getting approval from the state’s Department of Education (MDE) Commissioner.

Authored by Dave Baker (R-Willmar), H.F. 1242 would let school boards decide without approval from the Department of Education.

Currently, six school districts around the state are already on four-day schedules — a decision that required previous approval from the MDE Commissioner.

Under the four-day structure, students would still have to spend the same minimum number of hours in class.

School administrators who previously adopted the structure say it’s saved them a lot of money, helped with teacher recruitment and retention, and hasn’t hurt test scores or graduation rates.

The bill was discussed in the Minnesota House Education Policy Committee on Wednesday and will need the approval of several committees before a House Floor vote.