Four corrections officers injured in inmate assault at St. Cloud correctional facility

Four correctional officers were injured in an inmate assault at the St. Cloud correctional facility, according to a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Thursday morning, an inmate assaulted a corrections officer in the dining hall. Three other corrections officers who responded to the incident were also injured.

All four officers went to a hospital for treatment and were released.

The inmate is now in restrictive housing.

"Our corrections officers are brave men and women who protect the people of Minnesota every day," said DOC spokeswoman Sarah Fitzgerald in a statement. "This incident will be fully investigated, and the offender responsible will be held accountable under the law."

Two Minnesota corrections officers died this year in connection to inmate assaults. In July, an inmate fatally attacked Corrections Officer Joseph Gomm at the Stillwater prison. In September, Corrections Officer Joseph Parise died from a medical emergency after he responded to an inmate assault at the prison in Oak Park Heights.