Former first lady Michelle Obama reflects on 'Becoming' in sold-out Xcel show

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At the Xcel Energy Center, fans were buzzing about the latest rock star to visit the building, but this main attraction is known for her way with words instead of singing or playing an instrument.

Former first lady Michelle Obama took center stage at the X as part of a tour to promote her best-selling memoir "Becoming." For Obama, it was the return to place where her husband secured the Democratic nomination in 2008, leading to the fist bump seen around the world.

"It was here in this spot, this very spot," said Obama to much applause. "So yes, this is a special place for us."

During her visit, Obama will receive a framed picture of the historic moment. 

Arena officials say the energy around their first-ever book tour event is unlike anything they've ever seen with some of the 16,000 fans paying as much as $1,000 a ticket for seats to the sold-out show.

“She's up on stage just like a rock entertainer would be up there, and there is sound and lights up there focusing on her, so she is the focus of the whole event,” said Jack Larson, Xcel Energy Center general manager.

The X also asked ticket holders to bring books for a book drive, which will be donated to St. Paul Public Schools.

“It's very excitable,” said Larson. “Everyone is happy that she is going to be here and we've sold out the building for the show here.”

“She's just been a great inspiration to me since Barack ran for president and I’ve just loved her since," said Rani Bezanson, a Michelle Obama fan.

Some fans sprung for VIP package to meet and have a picture taken with the country's first black first lady.

“Because I love who she is,” said Anna Babbington-Johnson, a fan. “I love what she's done. I've read the book, so I’ve really enjoyed that. I just want to hear what she has to say in person.”

They say being in the same room with her will be a dream come true.

“I just want to get some strength and understand her courage and tenacity and resilience and just an understanding of what I can be because of what she was and what he was,” said Linda Sloan, a fan.