Football fans stay warm on the coldest Super Bowl Sunday in history

Patriots and Eagles fans from around the world gathered around the U.S. Bank Stadium hours before Super Bowl LII kicked off on the coldest Super Bowl Sunday in NFL history. 

“It’s great, I love it! Bring on the cold, I love it,” said Patriots fan Joe Lidwin. 

Joe and Christina Lidwin traveled to Minneapolis from the West Coast for the game. They were trying to score tickets and stay warm. 

“I got two thermals on and I’ve got a shirt underneath the sweatshirt, so I feel good,” Lidwin said. 

An Eagles fan from Saskatchewan who is used to the cold got creative with his winter outfit. Wearing a hat that looked like and eagle’s head—beak and all—wings and a tail, Brayden Delaet said the cold was nothing new for him. 

“It’s fun being out here, taking all this in and being a part of Super Bowl LII,” Delaet said. 

Gameday meant streets were closed off for blocks around the stadium. People operating parking lots were trying to attract fans seeking to get as close as possible. Many ramps charged upwards of $200 and only accepted cash. 

However, even fans with close parking spots had to walk for several blocks in the cold. Many arrived early to avoid long security lines. 

“Normally, we wouldn’t come this early,” said Patriots fan Janet Ruggiero. “But hopefully, we’ll get through security quicker and get in there.” 

Patriots fans hoping their team extends an epic run and Eagles fans hoping their side makes history of its own.