Food truck operators facing shutdown in Minneapolis say they've been granted reprieve

Two food truck operators in Minneapolis, who said they were threatened with being shut down over an outdated Minneapolis ordinance, say they've been granted a temporary reprieve.

FOX 9 spoke with the owners of Animales Barbeque and Boomin' Barbecue, who said the city had warned them about the use of picnic tables, garbage cans, and meat smokers. The operators say that, under the Minneapolis ordinance, they are required to have their entire operation contained within their food truck.

 "[City inspectors] are fighting us on the patios. They are fighting us on having garbage cans outside of our trailer. They say food trucks can only operate in a takeout manner in Minneapolis," said Dylan Boerboom, the owner of Boomin' Barbecue.

Boerboom said he was told he had to make big changes to his operation by October 1 or close.

Boomin' Barbecue was facing shutdown over their outdoor smokers and other set-up. (FOX 9)

However, in online posts on Wednesday, both food trucks said they were informed they could continue to operate through November, with the city saying they would work with them to make changes to the ordinance.

"In the "off season", we will work closely with the health department to bring our food code into the modern era," reads a post from Boomin' Barbecue on Facebook. "The mayor and our city council members have been super supportive and great to work with, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that. Ultimately any ordinance changes will come down to a public hearing, and we’ll need you ALL to show up to support. Until then, we’re looking forward to continuing serving you our barbecue. Thank you, Minneapolis, we love y’all."