MDH: Tips to helps protect your well from floodwaters

The Cannon River in Northfield, Minnesota, is expected to reach flood stage on Tuesday.  (FOX 9)

With floodwaters on the rise throughout the state, officials are reminding well owners to take precautions to prevent contamination. 

The Minnesota Department of Health is offering several tips to keep your well safe from contamination from rising floodwaters. 

Tips include:

  • Have your well checked by a licensed well contractor to make sure it is free of damage.
  • Cover your well with a heavy plastic bag and secure it with electrical tape. While this won’t keep your well completely free of contamination, it will help mitigate the amount of water and debris that will get in.
  • Keep clean drinking water on hand in case of well contamination.
  • Test well water if floodwaters came within 50 feet of the well.
  • If you know your well has been contaminated, contact a licensed contractor to disinfect your well and contact MDH to test for bacteria.