Flooding causes voluntary evacuation at Jordan trailer park

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A trailer park in Jordan, Minnesota is under voluntary evacuation due to flooding in the area, according to Jordan police.

Police say around 5:45 Thursday evening, a large ice jam formed on the Sand Creek which caused the water levels to quickly rise and spill onto Syndicate Street and Valley Green Park, a trailer park that contains about 300 homes. 

Evacuation efforts started immediately and people from 145 of the 300 homes chose to evacuate. 

"It's frustrating we have to go other places," said Jeanne Deutsch, a resident. "I had to shop and pick up stuff for work. It cost me money not being able to stay at my house."

Many were able to stay with friends or family, but about 15 are being housed in an temporary emergency shelter. Fifteen pets were also evacuated and are being housed at a temporary pet shelter. 

Scott County Public Works attempted to clear the ice jam.

"You bring in the Army Corps, you bring in a boat to try to break it up," said Jordan Mayor Tonya Velishek. "They exhausted all options. It's too dangerous to try to go in and do that."

Around 5:15 p.m. Friday, the ice jam appeared to loosen itself, which allowed for a "very quick 2-foot drop in water levels," however authorities believe the ice jam got clogged in another section of the creek.

Travel into the trailer park is still not advised.