Five-day sales tax holiday in Wisconsin begins

A five-day sales tax holiday is kicking off in Wisconsin as people start their back-to-school shopping.

The sales tax holiday lasts from Aug. 1 to Aug. 5 on certain items, according to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. During this period the following items will not be taxed:

 - clothing (sales price of each item must be $75 or less)

 - computer for personal use (sales price of each computer must be $750 or less)

 - school computer supplies for personal use (sales price of each item must be $250 or less)

 - school supplies (sales price of each item must be $75 or less)

"Due to sound fiscal management and a strong economy, the state had almost a $400 million budget surplus," said Department of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler in a statement last week. "Governor Walker and the Wisconsin State Legislature have determined that some of that surplus should be returned to taxpayers in the form of a sales tax holiday."

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