First of its kind complex in St. Paul, Minn. honors Minnesota military families

A first of its kind complex in the nation broke ground Saturday morning on State Capitol Grounds.

The Minnesota Military Family Tribute is dedicated to Minnesota military families. It's the newest addition to the monuments, memorials, and works of art on the green space of the 18-acre mall recalling events, remarkable acts and achievements of Minnesotans.

There are three different elements of the tribute to honor military and veteran families: Thank you military and veteran family walkway, story stones and gold star table.

Mollie Kuhlman's late husband has one of 87 story stones, each represent one Minnesota County. The story stones have a tribute to the soldier and their story on it.

Engraved on B-12 Air Force pilot Roy Kuhlman's stone is a letter he wrote Mollie during World War II in 1944.

"You don't realize what freedom is until you've lost it and he'd say, that war is terrible, and he never spoke about it, for 25 years he didn't talk about it." Mollie said.

Mollie's granddaughter, Gretta, is an active army reserve captain.

"I don't know what he was going through at that time but it just makes you think how things were at that time and how things were for him and for family members that were back home and being deployed."

Gretta comes from a line of military personnel, her father is a Vietnam veteran.

"They're supportive of my grandpa, they've supportive of me being in the military, just incredibly meaningful to have all of our family here and see this." Gretta said.

The entire complex is a tribute to all Minnesota military families. The engraved moments are now on bold display for all who want to admire a piece of history that will bond families and their loved ones for decades to come.

"You have to come here to believe what it's like, but it does do something for you emotionally." Mollie said.