First 60-degree day of the year coming, one of latest ever

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It’s been a long time coming. Spring in Minnesota has been on hold since we started April, but now the pattern is finally changing and temperatures are set to warm back to normal levels. This should give the metro and much of Minnesota a pretty good chance to hit the 60-degree mark for the first time this year. 

In a “typical” year, the metro reaches the 60-degree mark for the first time in the last week of March. Last year, we managed to hit 60 degrees in the middle of February. But, there is a WIDE disparity of when this threshold is hit from year to year. Since 2011, the first 60 degree-plus day has come anywhere from Feb. 17, one of the earliest occurrences ever, to April 26, which was the second latest occurrence ever.

Providing the metro cracks 60-degree Sunday or Monday as expected, this would be the fourth or fifth latest in the season this has happened for the metro. Amazingly, it would be six months to the day since the metro has seen 60 degrees.