Fireworks cause dozens of fires in Minneapolis over 4th of July weekend

It was a busy weekend for fire crews in the Twin Cities metro responding to an uptick in grass fires. Fire officials say the increase has a lot to do with the dry conditions and people letting off fireworks for the Fourth of July.

At one point on Sunday night, the Minneapolis Fire Department said crews responded to about 50 grass fires within a two-hour time frame.

Officials said they are seeing more grass fire in parks and fields, which is concerning not just for residents in these neighborhoods, but for fire crews as well.

"Them heaving to put on all that heavy gear in 90 plus temps, they have been struggling, putting on all this gear and working hard," Melanie Rucker with the fire department said. "Sometimes we’ll have a second alarm just to have more personnel on scene."

Fire officials are now urging people to use caution when lighting off fireworks.