Fire destroys 75 acres in Wayzata, multiple agencies respond to help extinguish

A fire in Wayzata near Maplewood Circle has crews working to contain the blaze Friday evening.

A fire in Wayzata destroyed an estimated 75 acres before multiple agencies were able to contain the blaze on Friday.

"Pretty much the entire swamp burner dup, but nobodies house caught on fire and nobody got hurt," Wayzata Fire Chief Kevin Klapprich told FOX 9.

The Wayzata Fire Department first got a call at 12:51 p.m. about a grass fire that had started, with a total of seven surrounding departments ultimately being tasked to help contain it.

FOX 9 helicopter footage from over the scene shows several spots where a dry, grassy area near Robinson Bay and Lake Marion caught fire before it was extinguished.

No injuries or fatalities have been reported and, a cause remains undetermined.