'FedEx Fail': Frustrated Western Wisconsin customers take deliveries into their own hands

Customers in Polk County, Wis. have reported botched deliveries they call "FedEx Fails." (FOX 9)

Waiting on package deliveries is a headache for consumers everywhere during the Christmas home stretch, but in western Wisconsin, some frustrated customers are finding out that they have to play Santa themselves.

People in Polk County, aren’t thrilled with FedEx this holiday season after the company apparently dropped packages at addresses that are off by five to 10 miles.

Now, the customers are using Facebook to make sure those last-minute gifts get to their proper destination before Santa makes his deliveries.

“We try to do what we can to help people, especially now, all year round, but especially now as a lot of people have packages coming and Christimas is kind of a huge thing,” said Tom Wisdom, of Milltown, Wis.

Polk County mailbox

Deliveries in Polk County, Wis. have been slightly off this holiday season, frustrating customers who have since taken some of the deliveries into their own hands. (FOX 9)

Tom and Mandy Wisdom have their rural Polk County home all decked out for the holidays, so now they’re just waiting on several more packages FedEx is slated to deliver. This Christmas, the couple says there is no telling when or if that will ever happen.

“No, I don’t think there’s any real excuse, even if it’s busy. Santa hits all the houses. Why can’t FedEx?” Tom asked.

In recent days, the Wisdoms have found what they describe as “FedEx Fails” across the region of western Wisconsin from St. Croix Falls to Balsam Lake.

With some packages not arriving at all on their expected date and others being dropped at the wrong address miles away, Mandy has launched a Facebook group called “The Missing Packages in Polk County” which has gained more than 100 frustrated members in the last 24 hours.

“I thought maybe get a dozen and they just kept coming, like, oh my god, really?” she said.

Christmas gifts wrapped neatly under a tree.

Christmas gifts wrapped neatly under a tree. (FOX 9)

Bryn Vollrath’s family, in Milltown, just received a FedEx delivery at the bottom of their driveway. The only problem is the packages belong to customers in neighboring towns.

In the spirit of the season, Vollrath didn’t wait for FedEx to fix the issue. She promised to get them to their intended destinations herself.

In a statement to FOX 9, FedEx said the following:

FedEx is experiencing some of the highest volume days in the history of our company, and our networks are flexing as designed to accommodate the surge of packages. We worked all year to prepare, and are proud of the outstanding service we have been able to provide despite some weather challenges across the United States. In cases where packages have not met our service commitments, we are rapidly working to get them delivered with a focus on ensuring holiday deliveries make it on time.