Father of slain missing man waits for answers, charges expected Monday

William Albrecht was reported missing last week. His body was later recovered on Wednesday.

Relieved the search for his son is over, Tony Albrecht points out this is not the outcome anyone wanted. 

“Knowing is bad enough, but not knowing is worse,” he said.

William Albrecht, 29, was missing since last Friday and last seen at a home on East 87th Street in Bloomington. Police executed a search warrant at the home on Tuesday. Evidence found there led investigators to believe Albrecht was likely the victim of homicidal violence. The couple renting the home was arrested along with another man. 

Wednesday, investigators also searched the Bloomington home of the third suspect. Finally, Thursday Albrecht's body was found in this field near the Costco in Woodbury. 

The two men arrested earlier this week remain in jail after prosecutors filed for an extension. Charges are expected Monday. Meanwhile, the charging deadline for the woman arrested expired and she was released Friday afternoon. One friend told FOX 9 the woman used to be William Albrecht’s coworker.

Tony Albrecht and his family are heartbroken with a lot of lingering questions. 

“I want to know generally what happened, but I don’t want to know a lot of details,” said Tony Albrecht. “I don’t know what purpose that would serve.”

Tony Albrecht says he has no idea who the three people are investigators arrested. According to court records, one suspect has a violent past including assault and drug convictions. 

“Never heard him mention these people or seen them - complete strangers,” he said.

For now Tony Albrecht says he's just thankful for the work done by police and for the countless people who showed concern for his son and his family.
“People they don’t know what to do,” said Albrecht. “I don’t know what to do, but it helps to know that people care about him.”