Father and 6-year-old daughter reunited after 7-month search

A father and his 6-year-old daughter are back together again, and the desperate search across the country ended with the daughter's mother behind bars.

After seven long months, Eden Nunn is finally home with her dad in Colorado. Getting reacquainted has its ups and downs, but this is the day Dayton Clevenger has been waiting for.

"Seven months is a long time apart and you don't know what's been said and what kind of reaction, but its been giggles and smiles and swimming and toys and lot of fun so far," Clevenger said.

Eden's mother Brittany Nunn abducted her back in December and disappeared from Colorado with her husband and Eden's three younger siblings after a judge gave Clevenger temporary full custody.

At first, investigators thought the family may have gone to the Rochester, Minn. area. But a private investigator eventually found them hiding out in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and alerted the authorities there.

Mexican officials shipped the kids all back to Colorado where Brittany and her husband Peter are now behind bars.

"Its just so surreal to me because these cases don't end like this, a lot of them don't,” Clevenger said. “Kids are missing for years."

Eden was eventually reunited with her dad at the Larimer County Sheriff's Office.

"She wasn't exactly sure what to think but as soon as a few seconds passed I asked her for a hug right away and she was able to do that and it was great from there,” he said.

Now Eden will finally get to open the birthday presents that had been waiting at her father's house since last November.

"I'm just looking to make a normal life for Eden and let her know how much I love her and that she as me here for her,” Clevenger said.