Farmington drunk driver who killed 3 brothers sent back to prison

A Farmington, Minn. man who killed 3 brothers in a drunk driving crash 10 years ago will serve more time in prison after getting another DWI this past summer. Boe Barlage, 33, was arrested in May after he was spotted swerving on the road. His blood alcohol level was 0.19 -- more than twice the legal limit to drive.

Barlage will serve an additional 5 years in prison for this offense, which is a violation of his probation.

Barlage was sentenced in May 2005 to 8 years in prison for the Oct. 2004 crash that killed brothers Justin, Jacob and Matthew Backstrom. According to prosecutors in that case, Barlage was on a cell phone and under the influence of between 10 and 15 alcoholic beverages at the time of the deadly crash.

"We were very saddened and disappointed when we got the news that the young man who killed our sons had again been arrested for DWI," Connie Backstrom said. "His alcohol level was even higher than when the boys were killed. We're grateful no one else was injured or killed this time, but they very easily could have been."