Fargo abortion clinic raises $500K to move to Minnesota

An abortion clinic based in Fargo, North Dakota has raised $500,000 in an effort to move its services just over the border into Minnesota as clinics react to Roe v. Wade being overturned.

The Red River Women's Clinic is North Dakota's only abortion provider. In May, after a leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade made headlines, the clinic's operator, Tammi Kromenaker told the Associated Press she would move the clinic if forced to.

A fundraiser on GoFundMe has brought in nearly $600,000 from more than 4,500 donors -- including one anonymous donor who gave $32,000. The donations have put them well past halfway to its $1 million goal.

The money will go to the costs of opening a new clinic in Moorhead, Minnesota, according to the Red River Women's Clinic website.

Currently, abortion is still legal in North Dakota; however, the state passed a "trigger law" in 2007 that would ban abortion in the event abortion was ruled not a right. However, the state's attorney general must first certify the Supreme Court's decision on the law. If certified, the ban would take effect 30 days later.