Fan who confronted ref during basketball game pleads guilty

The aftermath of an incident between fan and ref at a game between Lake Park-Audubon and Win-E-Mac.

A man charged with assaulting a referee after a northern Minnesota high school basketball game – the result of being upset over bad calls – has plead guilty to disorderly conduct. 

In March the Audubon Police Department was informed of an incident following a game between Lake Park-Audubon and Win-E-Mac.  

According to accounts from the incidents, following a foul call late in the game, a fan identified as 45-year-old Phillip Shawn Lokken tossed a popcorn bag onto the court towards the referee who blew the whistle. The referee then immediately called for the fan to be ejected

After the physical confrontation, deputies say they spoke with Lokken, who said the ref had been making "bullsh-- calls all night" and "he had had enough of that."

Lokken was initially charged with assault in the fifth degree and disorderly conduct for the incident.

On Tuesday he plead guilty to disorderedly conduct. The misdemeanor has a maximum penalty of 90 days jail or fine of $1,000.