Family works to return wedding album found in Bloomington garage

The Sutton family is going through some changes this winter, after the recent death of their 80-year-old grandmother Ida Hoffert. Ida lost her life after a battle with COVID-19, caught in a nursing home where she was staying as she recovered from surgery.

Now the challenge for her loved ones is cleaning through the belongings she left behind in Bloomington.

"There was a lot of junk in the garage… my grandma lived in this house for 50 years," granddaughter Megan Sutton explained to FOX 9 on Monday.

In the last week, things got even more difficult, as they cleaned out the garage and discovered a wedding photo album.

"It’s just kind of a mystery of where it came from," Sutton said.

The album encapsulates the kind of picture-perfect wedding day no one could ever forget - but the problem is the people in the photos are complete strangers, and it seems they’ve forgotten their photos.

"There’s quite a few in there, probably 20 photos or more," Sutton said. "The pictures are pristine, and I think it would be nice to be able to give someone back that memory."

Sutton is trying to get the photos back to their owner, but she doesn’t have a lot of information to go off of. 

"There’s a page on the front where they would write the information," Sutton said. "But it’s blank."

Her hope is that the right person will see the photos and recognize the two love birds, so that they can enjoy their special day once again.

"I just want people to have it that it means something to because I don’t know who they are," Sutton said. "I think it would mean a lot, I mean they were really beautiful pictures."

UPDATE: It appears some viewers might have helped FOX 9 track down the photo album's owners.