Family of toddler with unruly hairdo believe it is caused by rare genetic condition

An Anoka toddler is turning heads with his blonde hairdo and behind those locks could be a rare disorder.

Two and a half-year-old Nolan Sutton is one of the cutest kids you'll ever meet. He has a gorgeous head of hair and his family believes a genetic condition caused it.

"It’s its own thing. It’s the craziest bit of something,” said Karen Sutton, Nolan’s mother.

Almost everyone has a bad hair day every now and then, but for Nolan Sutton, it’s a daily occurrence.

"It’s kinky. It’s fluffy. It’s like he's a troll or a gnome or whatever way you want to put to it,” said Karen. "It’s all in this puff of gold or silver."

If left to its own devices, Nolan’s hair would look like he stuck his finger in an electrical socket.

"We can't go anywhere whether its Target, or Cub or out at restaurants or anywhere,” Karen said. “People will just stare and make their way over and want to touch his hair."

It wasn't until someone approached the Suttons in a restaurant and told them they'd seen a TV show about a genetic condition called Uncombable Hair Syndrome that they understood what their son may have.

"I was kind of like, ‘That's what Einstein had.’ I just thought he pulled his hair out all the time."

UHS, as it’s known, causes the strands of usually blonde or straw colored hair to stick straight up from the scalp and can be difficult to comb flat.

About 100 people around the world are believed to have it, but for some it can go away on its own during puberty.

"All the things that you see and read and all the people they compare him to have high intelligence so let’s hope that's the case,” said Shane Sutton, Nolan's dad.

The Suttons use a special brush to get Nolan’s mane under control and he normally wears it in what they call a baby bun.

They even created an Instagram account for him to document his constantly changing parade of hairdos and don'ts.

"He's his own little unique guy,” Karen said. “His hair says exactly what he is. He's unique. He's a little cutie. And it will hopefully be just kind of his little thing."