Family looking for answers after Minnesota woman killed in Arizona

A 31-year-old woman who grew up in Minnetonka, Minn. was brutally murdered in Arizona nine months ago. There is still a lot of unknowns, and her family hasn't given up in trying to find the killer.

The biggest lead police have is DNA found at the murder scene that they say belongs to the killer -- but so far, no matches.  Nine months without Allison Feldman has given her family nine months of so many questions.

“You speculate a lot,” sister Kelly Weinblatt said. “How did that happen? Who did this? Why? What happened exactly to her? It's just hard. It makes the grief so much harder to deal with.”

The Minnetonka graduate was found in a pool of blood with head trauma in her Scottsdale home, and no signs of forced entry.

Time has also brought reminders -- “Thanksgiving is going to be really hard this year, and her birthday was hard, which we celebrated in Scottsdale.”

And in the middle of the passage of time, there is always hope.

“We get tips that sound pretty good and you raise your hopes that it will be solved. And the tip doesn't pan out. So it's a roller coaster from that perspective.”

Allison's dad Harley travels to Arizona every month to keep awareness up.  He believes a tip will lead to an arrest.