Family hopes for resolution as murder of Minnesota National Guardsman remains unsolved

Abdoulaye Cisse died last October in an apparent confrontation with a burglar. (Supplied)

A year after his death, the family of a Minnesota National Guardsman killed in Minneapolis is still searching for answers.

Abdoulaye Cisse was killed on the morning of his 27th birthday last year, while apparently confronting a car burglar. His family says, as they close in on the anniversary of his death, they're still left without answers and justice.

"It's been hard," said the victim's uncle Abdoulaye Cisse, who bears the same name as his nephew. "That’s the truth it’s been very, very hard for everybody."

It’s been a year since Minneapolis lost 27-year-old Abdoulaye Cisse. A Minnesota National Guardsman, a friend, son, nephew, brother and so much more. He touched so many lives in Minnesota and abroad where his family lives in Senegal.

"He’s a funny guy," his uncle recalled. "He always made people laugh around.  He is strong and gentle. Very disciplined, very polite."

In the early morning on October 16, Abdoulaye Cisse’s birthday, he was stabbed and killed in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood while apparently confronting a burglar. The crime has gone unsolved. Police say they have leads but so far no arrest.

There is a $15,000 reward now being offered.

"We believe in the police and their investigation," said Cisse. "They are doing their job. They are doing the best they can."

"We would like to thank all those friends who relentlessly have been calling the police, have been making testimonies, organizing rallies at the crime scene, in order to make the police not to put this case to rest," said Alioune Cisse, the victim's father.

As heartbreaking as it’s been, the death has also united people from two very different countries, simply because they all loved a man who died trying to do the right thing. Now they all need some justice.

"We have no doubt that this will happen," added Alioune Cisse. "But we also have the hope that the sooner, the better."

"We accept the fate, God decide this, this happened," said uncle Abdoulaye Cisse. "But, we are not at peace."

Abdoulaye Cisse will be remembered in a big way on Friday, with a memorial service at the Minnesota National Guard and then a service at 3 p.m. at 500 Southeast Seventh Street in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood.