Family brings litter of puppies to visit Centennial Lakes police officers

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Every job comes with its stressors, but working as a police officer at times is stress on another level. So, it's great when officers have a chance to relax.

The Centennial Lakes Police Department had that opportunity recently when a family brought by their litter of 10 Golden Retriever puppies.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, the department shared photos from the visit showing officers getting the chance to nuzzle up with the cute doggos.

In a caption, the department writes, "Q: What's better than 12 donuts? A: 10 Golden Retriever puppies! Special thanks to Mikaela Nietz, her daughter Paisyn Nietz, and puppy momma Maya, who let us love up their 3-week old puppies!"

You can scroll through the photos below.