Families, veterans honor the fallen with wreaths at Ft. Snelling Cemetery

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Saturday marked National Wreaths Across America Day, a time when families across the country honor fallen veterans and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Nearly 350 veterans and volunteers in the Twin Cities paid their respects at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, giving many graves a wreath of their own.

The ceremony hits home for a lot of families, but on Saturday, veterans, civilians and service members came together for one mission.

Anna Sheglowski serves with the Civil Air Patrol. During the ceremony, she laid wreaths on veterans’ tombstones, finishing each with a salute.

“We are just trying to lay the wreaths so we can honor those who have served,” she said.

“As I’m still alive and those men have passed, it’s my way of showing honor, dignity and respect for them,” added James Petty, Minnesota Patriot Guard.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Ft. Snelling National Cemetery, it was a generational experience for Bill Hicks and his family.

“My grandfather was a veteran of WWI. He was a pilot. Since I never met my grandfather, it’s very special to see,” he said.

Green wreaths grace the field of headstones to honor those who served and sacrificed- including those service members buried without a name.