Falling meteor lights up Florida sky, visible in Orlando

If you were out late on Saturday night, you may have seen a giant, green light fall through the sky. You're not alone, as residents across Central Florida are lighting up social media with excitement.

The National Weather Service in Tallahassee confirmed that a meteor was caught in the southeast portion of the United Sates on Saturday around 11:52 p.m. EST. 



If you look closely, you'll see the meteor pass through the northwest section of Florida.



Several social media users are claiming they saw the meteor. For example, YouTube user 'EVE Pro Guides' caught video of the meteor from Gainesville. In the video, he is heard exclaiming "what the f--- was that?"

Fox 35 viewer Giovanni Garzon sent a video of the meteor to the Fox 35 Weather Authority page. His Ring doorbell cam captured the giant green light from the Lake Nona area.

Several other Twitter users even claimed to see the meteor from Georgia. For instance, Jeff Guess said that he saw it from Valdosta. He claimed it was "very bright, green tint, lit up the sky almost like daylight for a couple of seconds. Biggest or closest one I've seen in 30+ years."