Expo 2027: Serbia chosen over Bloomington to host event

As it turns out the 2027 World Expo will not be coming to Minnesota. The bid committee announced early Wednesday that they have chosen Belgrade, Serbia as the site of the Expo. 

The selection committee, voting from Paris, eliminated Minnesota after three rounds of voting. Serbia was chosen over Spain in the final round.  

"While we’re disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to host the world this time, we congratulate Serbia on their successful bid for Expo 2027. We know that they will create a memorable Expo experience," Bob Clark, Minnesota USA World Expo bid committee co-chair said in a release. "While Minnesota may not have been chosen as the host, we are incredibly proud of the effort, passion, and commitment that went into our bid."

The Minnesota USA World Expo committee estimated they would have seen about 14,000,000 visitors over its three-month run.