Expect rough commute Tuesday as snow blows through Twin Cities overnight

Besides our recent cold snap, it seems like winter hasn't really gotten on track here in the metro, but some serious winter weather could be headed our way.

At home base for Lawn Ranger Outdoor Services, workers are gearing up for the next blast of winter.

“Usually we got through tons and tons of salt. This is only a few tons right here," said Joe Unger. 

Even though they haven't been busy for most of the month, they are prepared for a flurry of activity.

"We're all ready for it. We've got all our guys, all our equipment gassed up and ready to go," Unger said.

With several inches of snow expected to fall, drivers who haven't had a lot of practice will have to brush up on their winter driving skills.

One of the last times we had a snowfall that hit the morning commute was in late November when the State Patrol reported more than 100 crashes, 60 vehicle spinouts and a jackknifed semi.

"It’s miserable as always. This is the time of year you start questioning why we live here, but Minnesota is home, so take it with a grain of salt," said Abdi Abdullahi in New Brighton.

FOX 9 Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard said Tuesday morning's commute could be even worse because it’s so cold, salt and other chemical treatments won't work on the roads.

Also, the type of snow expected to fall compacts quickly and bonds to the pavement, which could make for slick spots and icy conditions.

"Knowing I'm going to have to leave like an hour in advance tomorrow and the road will probably be going like 20 miles an hour…not a lot of fun," said Sarah Plakke of Minneapolis.

Back in Eden Prairie, you'll find Joe Unger on a plow instead of a trusty stead because Old Man Winter isn't ready to ride off into the sunset just yet.

"You never know in Minnesota. Maybe it will start snowing in April and we'll get all our snow in April," Unger said.