Missing St. Paul boy found safe, no reunion for mother

A St. Paul mother found out her missing son was safe Thursday, four days after someone took him away, but she still hasn’t been able to see him.

Her family was hoping for a reunion at Children’s Hospital, but that’s not happening yet because of the ongoing investigation. 

The family was in fear for the boy’s safety since Sunday, but the fear was especially sharp Thursday.

The mom told FOX 9 that her ex took the 6-month-old and her truck on Sunday while she was calling 911 to report him being violent.

She reported all of this to St. Paul police.

They took a report, but they tell us she didn’t seem to think the boy was in danger and prosecutors declined to file charges.

The mom says she didn’t think the boy was safe and she tried to track down her son for three days, even sleeping outside an apartment where her ex lived.

She says she didn’t hear anything until she posted about it on Facebook and then the ex sent her a text threatening to hurt the boy.

We talked to the mom Thursday morning and she told us she was sincerely worried about what her ex might do.

She was in tears and asking her ex to just drop the boy off somewhere safe like a hospital or a fire station.

Sure enough, about 90 minutes after we talked to her, someone left the baby at a fire station on 27th and Bloomington in Minneapolis.

Investigators made the connection and sent the boy to Children’s Hospital St. Paul for an exam.

The mom and her family went to see him, but they’ll have to wait a while longer before they can see him because they’re having to wait for the investigation to play out.

They say it’s frustrating, but at least they know the boy is safe.