Encampment at The Quarry in Minneapolis has been cleared

An encampment of unhoused people at The Quarry shopping center in Minneapolis was cleared Friday morning. 

The City of Minneapolis says there were six people present at the encampment when it was cleared, all of whom declined to be taken to the Catholic Charities' Opportunity Center for support, a news release said. Two requested — and received — transportation from the city to "alternate locations."

The city said it posted notices on Dec. 21 and Dec. 26 that the encampment would be closed and provided outreach teams to help residents find alternative housing. 

The City of Minneapolis cleared the encampment of unsheltered people at The Quarry shopping center in Minneapolis on Friday morning. (FOX 9)

The City of Minneapolis had planned to clear the encampment on Wednesday morning but told FOX 9 it held off because there was "intention to have a violent confrontation with city staff over this encampment" from those who called the encampment home. 

Those living in the encampment held a news conference on Tuesday calling on the city to leave them alone during extreme weather. 

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The City of Minneapolis told FOX 9 on Wednesday it — as well as the county and other partners — has worked to connect Quarry encampment residents with indoor shelter space and storage options, noting it did not post its notice to close the encampment until there were enough shelter beds for each member of the encampment. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, everyone at the Quarry encampment had declined shelter options, the city said. 

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Tent encampments are illegal in the City of Minneapolis, with the city continuing to stress they pose "significant safety risks" to those living in them and surrounding communities. The city cited fires, minors living at the site and winter weather as reasons to move forward with the encampment closure. 

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Friday's encampment clearing marked the seventh large-scale, multi-departmental response encampment clearing in 2022, the city confirmed to FOX 9.