Eden Prairie house explosion caused by fire igniting oxygen tanks

Fire officials say prescribed medical-grade oxygen tanks caused an explosion during a house fire in Eden Prairie that injured four people. 

The Eden Prairie Fire Department said it was called to a report of a structure fire on Lee Drive around 12:30 a.m. on Friday, June 2. When crews arrived at the scene, they found two adjoining homes, both with active fires. 

A neighbor previously told FOX 9 they heard two loud explosions prior to the fire. The fire department provided an update on Monday stating the fire caused prescribed medical-grade oxygen tanks to explode. 

"I was in bed, it was a little after 12 a.m., and I heard a very large explosion," Steven Hunt, who lives on the block, told FOX 9. "It knocked glass off our table, I thought it was a lightning strike close to the house. I came outside and heard another large bang, went down the street, and saw the flames shooting off the house. And then the second house caught fire too." 

Four people escaped the home, two adults and two children, and were transported to a nearby hospital to be evaluated for any possible injuries. Three victims have since been released for non-life-threatening injuries, but an adult is still hospitalized for burn treatment. 

One cat died, and one cat survived in the home where the fire originated. A dog remains unaccounted for. 

In the adjacent home that caught fire, two adults escaped without injuries, and two cats and a dog survived. 

Authorities are still investigating the origin of the fire.