Early Vote Center opens in downtown Minneapolis on Friday

The Early Vote Center in downtown Minneapolis opens Friday morning. 

For the next 46 days, eligible voters can choose to vote early instead of on Election Day on November 7. This is a year where there's "no excuse absentee voting," so you do not have to have a reason to vote early. This is set up as a convenience for anyone to get to the polls.

“The early vote center provides you with a lot of resources that we don't have on Election Day where you literally have a twelve-hour window to finish the ballot,” said Casey Carl, the Minneapolis City Clerk. “So for those who need time, who might need assistance who want to come in and use the voter assistant devices to mark their ballot or need language assistance or support, this is a little more comfortable environment not near the pressure not near the lines.”

The Early Vote Center is located at 217 S. Third Street in Minneapolis. Only Minneapolis residents can vote at the center. Municipal or school district offices are also open for early voting in-person for city and school district elections.

People can also vote early by mail. They can do this by filling out a paper application to receive a ballot. Ballots will then be mailed within two days after officials receive the application. The ballots must be received by November 7. They can be mailed or returned in person.

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