Eagles' Foles ready for the Super Bowl pressure

When starting Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz went down with injury late in the regular season, so did the chances of the Eagles making the Super Bowl - at least in the eyes of the pundits.

“It’s all about player personnel, are you ready for it or not?” said Eagles running back Corey Clement. “So take it on this end or are you going to run with it?”

But panic did not prevail in the Philadelphia locker room and neither did doubt about their quarterback.

“I was like hey we’ve got the best situation,” said Eagles tackle Lane Johnson. “We’ve got a Pro Bowl backup who’s been in this town before, who’s won games before, so I feel like we were well prepared.”

Foles has since stepped out of the sideline backup role and into the spotlight as the team heads into the season’s biggest game.

“It’s a great responsibility and we still have a lot of work left this week to prepare for this game," said Foles. “I’m excited for what’s ahead.”

The last few games have been a microcosm of Foles’ career: some stumbles, but strong showings.
Foles’ career has taken him everywhere but the Super Bowl before this year, but the path has helped to put him in this position, learning things along the wat from many players, including Vikings quarterback Case Keenum, a former teammate on the St. Louis Rams.

“His impact on me was just seeing his work ethic and how he grinded every single morning til night and just being a part of that,” said Foles.

And he’ll also hear from another former Viking with Brett Favre coming to speak to the Eagles before they step onto that Super Bowl stage.

“He’s won big games, he’s played a lot, a lot of football,” said Foles. “So anytime you have an opportunity to listen to someone like him speak is huge. So I can’t wait to listen to his wisdom and knowledge that he gives us.”

That advice might be the only words Foles adheres to, blocking out the noise to bring Philly a Lombardi Trophy.