'DWI Enforcer All-Stars' honored at Twins game

A different team of All-Stars was honored at Target Field Thursday night. Instead of baseball players, the group getting recognized was made up of officials who strive to make the roads a safer place.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety recognized 42 law enforcement officers, troopers, deputies and prosecutors as part of the 11th DWI Enforcer All-Star team. The group was honored during the pre-game ceremonies at the Twins game Thursday night. Each All-Star received a commemorative wooden bat with their name engraved on it.

In 2017, this combined group of officials made 2,751 DWI arrests throughout the state. DPS officials say there were 24,862 total DWI arrests statewide last year.

Minneapolis Police Officer Steve Wuorinen made 165 arrests in the Twin Cities last year, which was the most arrests made by a single officer in the entire state. Wuorinen is one of nine officers who made more than 100 DWI arrests in 2017.

Joe Kalla, an officer in Big Lake has a deeply personal connection when it comes to drunk drivers.

“I got a call that my mom had been killed by a drunk driver in a motorcycle crash - ever since then, push hard to finish school and I’m just going my best to go out every night and prevent that from happening to anyone else, their friends or family,” said Kalla.

Overall, the amount of DWI arrests in Minnesota has decreased over the last decade by about 31 percent, according to DPS records.

Officials encourage people to always make plans for a sober ride.