'Dude, I just need you to exit the car, please!': Snake hitches ride, terrifies woman

"Why does it always have to be snakes?"

Of course, Indiana Jones said that, but for one Florida woman, this close encounter was one to remember. A snake went on a joyride on her windshield, causing a hilarious series of videos that have gone viral.

Abbey Rostron, of Palm Coast, tells FOX 35 News she was running errands when she noticed the critter’s head sticking out of the hood of her car and staring at her.

She sent us cellphone videos of her driving while the snake slithered in front of her.  At one point, it even came over by her driver's side door. 

"I would get out of the car and he would disappear.  I would go to the store, come back, get in, drive to the next spot and he would show up again!" Rostron told FOX 35 News.

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In the videos, you can hear her talking to the snake, telling it to get off her car, saying the incident is very "Florida" and how she isn't sure how she'll get out of her car.

"OK, so this is a little much. This is a little much. OK, Florida!" she said as the snake was slithering up her windshield.

In another other clip, the snake is just starring at her through her windshield and she talks to it.

"There is a snake on my car. What are you doing?... OK, can you just like jump off by yourself?... Dude, dude, I just need you to exit the car, please... Florida, you have outdone yourself. What are you doing?"

Rostron said the incident happened a few weeks ago and that, "the snake was unharmed and so was the human."

She uploaded the videos on TikTok, which have now been viewed millions of times.

"Oh my goodness. Yeah, I did not expect that. I think the first video I put up now has four million views," she said. 

Eventually, the snake slithered off on its own. Rostron sai she plans to check her car often from now on. 

"I don’t think i’ll ever recover. I’m gonna be always a little worried that there could be another snake in there," she said. 

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